Yellowstone Days

We’d never been to Yellowstone National Park. Long ago, reports of the summer crowds daunted me. Hubby and I talked about going many times until, finally, it was time. I left the DSC_7354planning up to him. And he shone with leadership. He did on-line research of the park geography, mileage, nearby RV parks, routes. He reserved a space for us at the Yellowstone Holiday RV Park outside the little gateway town of West Yellowstone, Montana. We left Coos Bay in late August pulling our “newer” 5th wheel RV with an old Ford Diesel truck.

It took a few days to cross Oregon and southern Idaho and arrive at the RV park, located on a lovely lake 8 miles from West Yellowstone. There we headquartered for a total of sixteen days, enjoyed leisurely mornings, packed lunches and drove thirty miles to the DSC_7394park, then decided which sights we wanted to pursue. Hubby left the daily choices to me; maybe by that time he was tired of decisions.

In Yellowstone, we drove and walked to view animals: bison, alone and in herds; elk  by two or threes; deer, even a glimpse of swans.

We saw mountains, rivers, streams, waterfalls, took a boat ride with twenty other DSC_8294sightseers on Yellowstone Lake.

The highlight for me were the geysers, boiling mud pots, steam vents, hot pools of blue or yellows or gray bubbling water. These rare (except for Yellowstone) geothermal features are the compelling reason to make the trek to DSC_7589Yellowstone. Their steam, bizarre appearance, distinctive sounds and sulfur smell awakened my awe and delight.

At the park, talking with from folks from around the U.S. and the globe made me realize how fortunate we are to have this marvel relatively close,the first national park in the world, available to all who choose to make the visit.

So don’t wait: if you haven’t been–go! Stay as long as you possibly can. We visited the DSC_6943park daily for fourteen days (we took a couple of days off to square dance, but that’s another blog) and still did not exhaust the riches of Yellowstone. This unique place is worth the time and expense of getting and staying there.


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